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A Deeper Meaning Behind Ethics

AMO Firm R. E. Management, Inc. is named a finalist for a local ethics award.

By Jennifer Jeck
Trail Creek
Trail Creek

The introduction to the IREM AMO Code of Professional Ethics reads, “The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) and its Members intend that this Code and performance pursuant to its provisions will be beneficial to the general public and will contribute to the continued development of a mutually beneficial relationship among ACCREDITED MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATION (AMO) Member Firms (AMO Firms), and other Members, national and international professional real estate associations and organizations, clients, employers and the public.”

The ways in which R. E. Management, Inc. (REMI), an AMO Firm in Green Bay, Wis., takes IREM’s slogan, “For Those Who Manage to Make a Difference” to heart is a very practical example of what upholding that statement in the AMO Code looks like. For their efforts, they were recently recognized as a finalist for the annual Ethics in Business Awards, presented by local organization Foundations Health & Wholeness (in partnership with founding sponsors Green Bay Packaging and the George Kress Foundation). REMI was the only real estate management firm to be named to the top three finalists; looking at its approach to affordable housing, and the mutually beneficial relationships it fosters, it is easy to see why.

“If we apply our management skills in changing the way at-risk individuals think, they will have the beliefs to create their own success rather than rely on society.”

—Victoria Parmentier, Executive CPM

Executive CPM, Victoria Parmentier, says, “REMI is committed to guaranteeing that at-risk populations in Green Bay are successfully housed. For the five affordable apartment complexes (354 units) it manages, REMI has adopted the Housing First approach. This approach, approved by our owners and investors, removes the preconditions and barriers to entry that individuals and families facing homelessness often encounter, such as sobriety, treatment or service participation requirements.”

REMI’s Housing First work has been mutually beneficial for all involved. They have fully committed to their residents, and it has been noticed by the public.

Housing First ROI for residents:

  • Increased employment of residents by 27 percent since 2014
  • Provided housing for 54 chronically homeless individuals for over 5 years
  • Increased resident engagement in the community through volunteering and participation in neighborhood associations
  • Increased parent/child interaction through cooking and yoga classes

Housing First ROI for investors, government and community:

  • Investors: Increased profits due to less turnover
  • Local government: Reduced costs related to homelessness
  • Community: Reduced homeless population and increased resident engagement

Housing First ROI for REMI:

  • Established as the “go-to” company with agencies as it relates to affordable housing
  • Is the only property management company on the Brown County Housing and Homeless Coalition, which connects at-risk individuals to housing resources and support services
  • Provides office space at two of their buildings for Catholic Charities to meet with residents for financial counseling

Notes Parmentier, “Just as IREM invests in its membership, so should we, its members, invest in our communities…if we apply our management skills in changing the way at-risk individuals think, they will have the beliefs to create their own success rather than rely on society. As does IREM, we believe that good management matters, that good management translates into value, and that well-managed properties improve the quality of life for those in our communities. You must have a positive mindset to give more than is expected to other people, which in turn creates value.”

Journal of Property Management

Jennifer Jeck, IOM (, is manager of customer and member services at IREM Headquarters in Chicago.

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