Mentoring and leading

DEI program leads to new career development opportunities for marginalized professionals

Announcing the DEI Ambassadors program

IREM’s innovative new initiative fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion

IREM DISI program

The revamped IREM DISI program transforms into a path to the CPM with career development support

Valuing DEI

Benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion reach all the way to the bottom line

Seeing the values

Bringing a light to your organizational values through DEI

Balanced without bias

The latest AI rental platforms aim to make the leasing process fairer

IREM celebrates Pride

A time to reflect on inclusivity and create a welcoming environment

Guiding light

Leading with ethics in diverse organizations

Conscious progress

Anti-bias training is essential to diversity, equity, and inclusion

The inclusion equation

How inclusion efforts impact managers and tenants