September/October 2023

IREM congratulates the 2023 REME Award finalists

Highlighting excellence in nine categories

A letter from IREM President Renee Savage, CPM®, CCIM

A look inside this issue of JPM

Portugal’s allure

The European country draws investors to its shores with promising opportunities

CSP surge

Greater demand for ESG leads companies to the IREM CSP program

Smart parking

Managing parking spaces is a unique undertaking

IREM DISI program

The revamped IREM DISI program transforms into a path to the CPM with career development support

Developing IREM leaders

IREM’s Leadership Development Advisory Council lays the foundation for IREM’s future

Lean and green

Navigating benchmarking laws and building performance standards in the midst of economic uncertainty

Decentralized and digitized

Using technology to adapt in a post-COVID work environment

Safe and sound

Today’s technology-enabled security and access control systems offer flexibility and protection