IREM Foundation

Giving back in the Pacific Northwest

IREM Western Washington’s support of the IREM Foundation and local causes

[fund]Raising the roof

Jonathan Tucker, CPM®, goes to new heights to raise awareness of diversity in real estate management

A couple of CPM Candidates

Two IREM Foundation Scholarship recipients, Olena and Robert Mann, share their lives and what led them to the real estate management profession

Strong support circle

Working with the IREM Foundation to empower IREM Houston Chapter’s growing membership

Small choices, big changes

The 2022 class of Elaina’s Sustainability Fund grant recipients

Living legacy

The Beal Legacy Scholarship continues the tradition of support in 2022

Help along the way

The IREM Foundation teams up with others to support professional development

Foundational support

One member’s account of the IREM Foundation’s role in her real estate journey 

Elaina’s Sustainability Fund

Supporting innovation and wellness to honor one person’s legacy

From bored to board

My journey within IREM, my career, and myself