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Living legacy

The Beal Legacy Scholarship continues the tradition of support in 2022

By Karen Pharr, CPM
Gladys and Bob Beal, CPM
Gladys and Bob Beal, CPM

The IREM Foundation has created an opportunity for a legacy to live on. Nearly 10 years after their passing, Bob and Gladys Beal are still empowering the next generation of real estate managers to work hard, succeed, and give back along the way.

To say that Bob Beal, CPM, was an active member of IREM would be a wild understatement. He was a fixture of IREM. Bob’s commitment was evident at both the local and national level. He was an IREM regional vice president and Foundation board member, and he was instrumental in the success of the IREM Arkansas Chapter. He was so passionate about IREM education and the overall benefits of IREM membership that he required his employees to obtain their ARM and to volunteer with their local IREM chapter. Now, thanks to a $1 million bequest to the IREM Foundation, Bob’s legacy and his passion for mentorship, education, and giving back to the IREM community all live on through the success of recipients of the Robert K. and Gladys M. Beal Legacy Scholarship.

Applications for the Beal Legacy Scholarship are available at To learn more about the Beals’ legacy, or to donate to the fund, click here.
The Beal Legacy Scholarship is available to IREM members who have received and successfully completed IREM courses under a previous Foundation scholarship. It covers 75% of the cost of up to three courses, allowing recipients to achieve their certifications as an ARM or CPM. To receive this scholarship, recipients must also serve as volunteers in their local IREM chapter.

The Beal Legacy Scholarship rewards those who work hard, demonstrate commitment, and actively serve as volunteers within their chapter. The scholarship was launched in December 2021, and already, 10 outstanding IREM members have joined the ranks of those who Bob and Gladys have directly supported in their career journey. Here’s how the Beals’ legacy is making a difference in 2022.

Supporting ambition

Christina Montgomery, ARM, has set a goal to earn her CPM within one year, a process that typically takes two years. Hardworking, driven, and committed to the real estate industry, Bob and Gladys would be proud of Christina’s impact. She has served for the past three years as a volunteer in the IREM Chesapeake Chapter as vice president of membership and education. “The Beal Legacy Scholarship is enabling me to pursue my long-term goal of becoming a Certified Property Manager,” Montgomery says.

An eager mentee

Vanessa Perez, CPM Candidate, transitioned out of the mortgage industry to learn more about real estate. She took a position as a real estate services assistant and, in less than two years, earned a role as an assistant property manager. She’s since been promoted even further to become a property manager. Perez notes the many people she’s learned from at every stage of her career, such as more experienced managers in her administrative and assistant roles. She demonstrates a passion for lifelong learning, and she currently volunteers on the IREM San Joaquin Chapter Board.

“I strongly believe that there’s always room for growth and improvement as we progress deeper into our life’s journey,” Perez says. “And I know that at this exciting time in my career, it’s just the beginning.”

A servant leader

Sheena Boone, CPM Candidate, has taken her Capstone and is almost a CPM. She’s passionate about IREM education and especially about her chapter. Boone serves as the 2022 IREM Western Washington Chapter president and encourages others to pay it forward by contributing to the IREM Foundation. Boone even contributed an article to JPM last year in which she detailed the pivotal role the IREM Foundation has played in supporting her IREM journey toward becoming a CPM.

“If I could encourage anyone through actionable advice, it would be to get involved,” Boone says. “Find a committee on a subject that you enjoy, and immerse yourself in both the topic and the gathering of like-minded people who have gravitated toward that same subject. Not only will you be doing good for IREM and your chapter, but you’ll be feeding your career and soul, too!”

Journal of Property Management

Karen Pharr, CPM, serves as the 2022 IREM Foundation president. Her career spans more than 30 years, with experience managing commercial, residential, industrial, and medical properties. Karen currently works as the director of property management with INSITE Properties, LLC in Charlotte.

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