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IREM 30 Under 30

IREM is proud to recognize 30 exceptional next-generation leaders

By <i>Journal of Property Management</i> staff

Our 30 Under 30 recognition program celebrates young property managers who show exceptional leadership talent and community involvement and have demonstrated the ability to overcome professional challenges. They go above and beyond for their employers, clients, and communities.

This year’s list includes talented professionals from across the U.S., China, and South Africa. Collectively, they manage the full range of property types, working with building owners to maximize property values, maintain operating efficiencies, and consult with real estate investors.

To learn more about these dynamic young leaders, visit IREM 30 Under 30.

Noah Alexander, Associate member
Resident Experience Manager
Cortland, AMO
Atlanta, Georgia

“While the last three years have been incredibly difficult, property management has been my silver lining. It has provided me with access to affordable housing, health insurance, mentors, and good pay. Property management has allowed me to continue my education and has given me a head start in cultivating skills that cannot be taught in a classroom.”

Jillian Anderson Mairura, CPM, ACoM
Associate Facility Manager
Houston, Texas

“I’ve come across many real estate management professionals whom I admire for their intelligence, persistence, and leadership in the field. I plan to use this 30 Under 30 recognition to inspire and encourage other young professionals and minorities to consider pursuing a career in real estate management.”

Jonathan Bauer, Associate member
Sustainability Manager
The Tower Companies
Rockville, Maryland

“It is an honor to represent sustainability real estate professionals. Sustainability only succeeds when it is fully integrated across a real estate business, so I am hopeful that sharing this message, my work, and my impact will inspire careers, attract talent, and motivate change across the industry.”

Blythe Bland, Associate member
Training Manager, Property Management
RangeWater Real Estate, AMO
Atlanta, Georgia

“IREM represents the highest leadership levels and innovative thinking, and most importantly, it recognizes that there is power in its members. I am so thankful for the opportunity to give back even a fraction of the guidance, encouragement, and support that IREM has given me on my journey.”

Joshua Campa, CPM Candidate, ARM
Owner, Team Leader
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services—NV Properties, McGarey Campa Group
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Since I started working in property management at 16 years old, I have continuously found myself to be the youngest person in the room when it came to working with others in my industry. It has been intimidating in the past, however, I allow myself to remain open-minded and absorb the knowledge from my peers and utilize it to advance my own skills.”

Katie Jo Collins, CPM
Senior Regional Property Manager
Greystar, AMO
Los Angeles, California

“Having always been the youngest in the roles I have held, this recognition provides an additional accolade to utilize as a motivator for others to pursue their goals without concern for the perception of their age, but rather what they can bring to the table as a professional. I feel humbled, honored, and appreciative.”

Jesse R. Debord,  Student member
Operations Manager
HiLine Investment Co.
Portland, Oregon

“It means a lot to me to have this opportunity and represent my family, school, and company. I received my undergraduate degree from Portland State University and am currently in their Master of Real Estate Development program. I have always strived to do good and put in the effort to set myself apart from others, and this award shows that hard work truly pays off.”

Anita DiPietro, CPM
AED Management DC, LLC
Washington, D.C.

“When I was in middle school, I worked with my parents on nights and weekends in addition to volunteering with local businesses, all because I knew that I wanted to start my own business one day. I looked up to the women in my community who owned businesses, and I knew that one day I’d be one of them.”

Leah Fantin, CPM Candidate
Assistant Property Manager
Cornerstone Companies
Indianapolis, Indiana

“Since the economic drivers of the industry rely heavily on connections and networking, I strongly believe in mentorships being a key factor of an individual’s professional advancement in commercial real estate. With this recognition, I can connect with undecided university students, while also acting as a mentor for those interested in understanding the fundamentals of real estate.”

Yelizaveta (Lisa) Gorkovskaya, Associate member
Community Manager
Greystar, AMO
Orlando, Florida

“As the daughter of an immigrant, I feel that this means the world not only to me, but to my family as well. I strive to succeed personally and professionally to make my mom proud. Starting my career as a part-time leasing professional in college and growing to become a successful property manager and working for an exceptionally reputable company means the world to her and me.”

Ariel Guzman, Associate member
Community Manager
Greystar, AMO
Norwood, New Jersey

“Being part of the IREM 30 Under 30 means the world to me. It is an institute that I stand behind, and I agree with all of its values. Their advocacy for good management and learning is vital to the success of everyone in the industry. I am a firm believer that knowledge is power.”

Nils Hostage, Associate member
Financial Analyst
Blanton Turner, AMO
Seattle, Washington

“Technology is transforming the real estate sector as a whole, and the real estate management industry should be at the forefront of that progress. I believe I am part of this transformation, and my story is proof that our industry evolves and flourishes when young people are empowered to bring forward a fresh perspective and act on it.”

Olivia Ivie, CPM Candidate
Manager of Real Estate
VIA Metropolitan Transit
San Antonio, Texas

“As an international institute, IREM holds a tremendous amount of talent, and being selected by IREM is an incredible honor. I am grateful for IREM’s continued leadership within the industry as they continue to connect real estate professionals, advance educational opportunities, and champion innovation and growth.”

Brad Johnson, CPM
General Manager
Sweyer Property Management
Wilmington, North Carolina

“I am grateful for the opportunities that have helped me advance and grow in my career, and I think that this award is a great opportunity to demonstrate to my community that my achievements have not gone unnoticed.”

Brianna Anderson, CPM Candidate
Property Manager
Makai West, Inc., AMO
San Diego, California

“Professionally, I strive every day to be a leader and a role model. I hope to use this award to enhance my career and share with others how IREM has created opportunities and assisted me in achieving my personal and professional goals.”

Ruger Kerstiens, CPM Candidate
Premier Property Management Kerstiens Realty
Jasper, Indiana

“Being a part of IREM’s 30 Under 30 is an indicator that my lifelong efforts are contributing to the greater good and improving the lives of others through real estate. This award showcases the efforts my team has dedicated to the success of projects and will rightfully boost their morale in the workplace.”

Julianna Kim, Associate member
Community Manager
Mill Creek Residential
Fairfax, Virginia

“Being honored as one of IREM’s 30 Under 30 further proves to myself and others that age is truly nothing but a number. I hope to inspire other young professionals to strip themselves of any negative stigmas that may be attached to youth or age, and instead, push themselves to continue moving forward, despite any societal stereotypes.”

Ronald (Koa) Kuaana-Edwards, ARM
Property Manager
Blanton Turner, AMO
Portland, Oregon

“Having the right attitude and a willingness to lead with your heart allows others to see opportunities and realize good things are possible; then they can and will come. It means so much to be able to share this recognition with people I’ve worked with and who have supported me through my career, stemming all the way back to those who took a chance on a young kid from Hawaii with little experience.”

Addie Kubitz, ACoM
Assistant Property Manager
Clarity Commercial, AMO
St. Louis Park, Minnesota

“I have no doubt in my mind that I have found the career that was made for me. Property management is not just a career, it is a lifestyle. To be chosen as one of IREM’s 30 Under 30 is an incredible honor in my career. IREM provides an excellent platform to network with industry professionals, creating unique learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom and workplace.”

Nicole Lemas, ARM
Resident Manager
Honolulu, Hawaii

“Knowing that my work is recognized on a national level brings well-deserved attention to Hawaii’s professionals in the real estate management industry. I also know that I stand on the shoulders of the giants before me, so I dedicate a lot of time to mentoring others in management.”

Raven Livingston, Associate member
Real Estate Service Administrator
Houston, Texas

“The ‘P’ in property management means “passion” for me. I carry this honor with so much pride and will continue to make my fellow IREM members proud. I do not take this opportunity lightly and will use this as a stepping stone to showcase my hard work and dedication, quest for gaining knowledge, and goals of furthering my career.”

Kandace Massenburg, CPM Candidate
Assistant Property Manager
Alexandria, Virginia

“Being chosen as a part of IREM’s 30 Under 30 is an honor and a dream fulfilled for me that will showcase the hard work I have put into this industry and into IREM. In my time as an IREM member, I have gained so much and wish to mentor someone in the future and keep pushing, thriving, learning, and growing both personally and professionally.”

Katherine McCoy, ARM
Property Manager
Oakwood Management Company, AMO
Pataskala, Ohio

“To be chosen as part of IREM’s 30 Under 30 is a tremendous honor and offers me support and motivation to continue on my path towards accomplishing my goals. I have worked hard to make a difference in the lives of all of the people I come into contact with daily. I strive to meet my owner’s goals, increase revenue, and set a good example for my co-workers.”

Rebaone Molete, CPM
Real Estate Manager
Mr Price Real Estate
Johanesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

“I love learning and believe that life itself is the best teacher. I have worked in many aspects of property management, from retail leasing of premises to administration, as well as property and asset management. I am always willing to start from scratch, remembering that the person who has 10 years of experience also had their first day on the job when they too had to learn.”

Parker Page, CPM Candidate
Director of Property Management
PRG Commercial Property Advisors
Louisville, Kentucky

“As someone who has made the transition from brokerage to management and has firsthand experience with how rewarding the transition can be, it is something I can speak to sincerely and with genuine enthusiasm. I want to be an ambassador for this industry as a whole and make other professionals aware of the rewards that come with being an overseer of assets.”

China Reynolds, ARM
Assistant Manager
Watermark Residential
Zionsville, Indiana

“I believe hard work and honesty are rewarded, and this award validates that belief. The opportunity to engage with others in the industry will be a very exciting benefit of this program. The ability to learn from industry colleagues across companies, regions, and background experiences fits my approach to growth in my current position.”

Makayla Virden, Associate member
Brand Designer
Blanton Turner, AMO
Seattle, Washington

“To be awarded as a creative in the industry gives me and other professionals working in the creative space pride and recognition for the work we do. This recognition also shows that property management is an inclusive industry that recognizes and values all the dynamic functions that make it work.”

Mary Witter, ARM
Property Manager
Greystar, AMO
Saint Louis, Missouri

“I feel that my unique history in real estate management has prepared me to be successful in our industry. Since I started my career at the ripe age of 21, I am completely flattered to now be recognized among all the other excellent professionals in our industry through IREM’s 30 Under 30.”

Mengqi “Christine” Wu, CPM
Vice President of Asset Management
Hehui Capital Management (HCM)
Shanghai, China

“To be chosen as part of IREM’s 30 Under 30 is much more than a great honor and recognition of my achievements. It urges me to aim high and try my best to improve the development of our industry. In the future, I will keep learning, thinking, sharing, and always trying my best to create more value for our investors.”

Journal of Property Management

Written by <i>Journal of Property Management</i> staff

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