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Promoting property management in the UAE

IREM welcomes new members and looks to expand presence in the UAE

By Journal of Property Management
From left to right: Waqar Hasan, CPM®; Yulia Neicovcean, ThinkProp; Jasem Alhosani, ThinkProp; IREM senior director Leah Misbin; Fatima AlFalasi, ThinkProp; Mohamed Elkhatib, ThinkProp
From left to right: Waqar Hasan, CPM®; Yulia Neicovcean, ThinkProp; Jasem Alhosani, ThinkProp; IREM senior director Leah Misbin; Fatima AlFalasi, ThinkProp; Mohamed Elkhatib, ThinkProp

IREM® representatives had a busy week in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at the end of April. The UAE, a country situated along the Persian Gulf, has a population of 9.97 million and is one of IREM’s newest emerging programs. The UAE is made up of seven emirates. While the emirate of Abu Dhabi serves as the capital, the emirate of Dubai is the center of international business and the country’s most populated area.  

Members Waqar Hasan, CPM®, and Muhammad JawadUrRehman, CPM®, MRICS, were joined by IREM senior director Leah Misbin in a series of meetings and events working to advance and promote the property management industry locally. Both Hasan and Jawad, along with Glen Aranha, CPM®, also from Dubai, recently became approved as IREM instructors and have been instrumental in expanding IREM’s educational offerings locally, in a region that appreciates the in-person classroom experience. To offer certification courses, IREM currently works with two licensees in the UAE: Innovation Experts Real Estate Institute (IEREI) based in Dubai and ThinkProp based in Abu Dhabi.

From left to right: Sobia Ahmed, IEREI; Muhammad JawadUrRehman, CPM®; Mohammad Mousa, IEREI; IREM senior director Leah Misbin; Waqar Hasan, CPM®; Saji Rengan, IEREI.

During their meeting, IEREI and IREM agreed on ways to further advance and grow the program by expanding education offerings and making it possible to take exams in person. IEREI recently moved to a new office, which includes classroom facilities that will facilitate offering courses.

ThinkProp recently signed as IREM’s licensee. IREM held a meeting with their representatives and met with a leading property management company, Provis Estate Management, to outline possible training needs. ThinkProp will continue discussions with Provis to explore learning options and to pinpoint where IREM can assist.

A key highlight of IREM’s visit was the member recognition event and dinner hosted at the Millennium Al Barsha Hotel. Representatives from IREM partners IEREI and ThinkProp, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and officials from the Dubai Land Department were in attendance. Hasan and Jawad, along with Misbin, presented news from IREM and discussed plans to establish an IREM Chapter in the UAE. Lastly, they conducted the swearing-in of almost 20 new members. 

Other meetings and events

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) welcomed IREM representatives to discuss ways the two organizations can work together in the future. IREM and RICS hope to collaborate on events in the region. Plans include joint networking events and workshops aimed at enhancing the real estate management profession.

IREM participated in the launch of the Dubai Real Estate Brokers and Property Managers Business Group at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. Spearheaded by Hasan, this group elevates the property management profession by giving it a special designation in the Dubai Chamber. Founded in 1965, the Dubai Chamber is a nonprofit organization working to protect the interests of the business community in Dubai. It is a key player in advancing business initiatives in the region and with the local government.

Abdelaziz Amarouayache, CPM®, in his office at Al Ghurair Real Estate, in Dubai.

Adding to the week’s highlights, Jawad led a tour of SHA Island, a new project by IMKAN Properties. This development, situated on a unique private island between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, is called the world’s first healthy living island. SHA Residences Emirates integrates beachfront residences, a wellness clinic, a health resort, and several pavilions dedicated to health and wellbeing. At The Middle East Council of Shopping Centers & Retailers, IREM was able to share educational offerings and discuss possible ways to leverage IREM’s learning opportunities through the Council’s network. 

Al Ghurair Real Estate gave IREM a behind-the-scenes look at their offices and a recent building conversion from hotel to apartments. Abdelaziz Amarouayache, CPM®, was one of the first IREM members in the region and proudly displayed his certification in his office along with the IREM Code of Ethics. 

UAE’s innovation in real estate

Marked by innovation and fast development, the UAE boasts some of the most creative real estate in the world, such as an indoor ski slope, an underwater restaurant, and indoor scuba diving. A week before IREM’s visit, a historic rainfall hit Dubai. In 12 hours, more than two years’ worth of rain hit the country. While the flooding brought business to a standstill, the country was back to business as usual within less than a week. Property managers were still working to repair damage from the flooding, but considering the unprecedented amount of water that fell, the country recovered in record time.

This resilience is indeed very characteristic of the region, which is known for being fast-paced and quick to action. IREM is proud to have cemented a place in the UAE’s real estate management industry as an education provider and looks forward to what is to come.

Journal of Property Management

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