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IREM 30 Under 30

IREM is proud to recognize 30 exceptional next-generation leaders who are committed to advancing the real estate management profession

By <i>Journal of Property Management</i> staff
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The IREM 30 Under 30 program celebrates young property managers who show noteworthy leadership talent and community involvement, and have demonstrated the ability to overcome professional challenges. They go above and beyond for their employers, clients and communities.

This year’s list includes talented professionals who collectively manage the full range of property types. They work with building owners to maximize property values, maintain operating efficiencies and consult with real estate investors. Following are their thoughts about their work, IREM and what it means to be one of 2020’s 30 Under 30.

To learn more about these dynamic young leaders, visit IREM 30 Under 30.

Roxanne Zinnermon, ACoM
Portfolio Manager
Weston Urban
San Antonio, TX

Roxanne is a dedicated real estate professional who recognizes and values the trust property owners and tenants place in her, and she strives every day to exceed their expectations.

“When you find your North Star, you know where you’re headed, and I’ve found mine in helping others to help themselves. IREM has been a catalyst in helping me find my North Star, and I’m committed to aiding others in finding their very own.”

Giovanni Wozniak, ARM
General Manager
The Imperial Plaza
Honolulu, HI

Giovanni is always looking for opportunities to expose his team to learning and career development opportunities and hopes to be a mentor to up-and-coming industry professionals one day.

“IREM has cultivated me throughout this career in property management. I am now well-equipped to address everyday unknowns but also carve a path to a promising future in the industry. I hope this recognition can inspire others to work harder and have more faith in themselves.”

Rawley Winstead, CPM
Real Estate Manager
NAI Elliott, AMO
Portland, OR

Rawley is an active member of the Oregon-Columbia River Chapter, serving as the 2020 co-chair for its Community Outreach and Young Professional committees.

“I can definitively state that I would not be where I am today in my career if not for IREM. My involvement with IREM has helped me distinguish myself from my peers in the industry, and I want to help others realize that it can do the same for them.”

Brett Voeltz, CPM Candidate
Property Manager
Berkeley Partners
Aldie, VA

Brett received the Northern Virginia Chapter’s Rookie of the Year award in 2019. He was also selected to be one of IREM’s Diversity and Inclusion Succession Initiative Scholars.

 “I’ve had an incredible mentor and cheerleader who rose through the ranks of IREM as well. My goal is to be as accomplished as she has been in her career, and I hope to be the same type of mentor for someone in the future.”

Darryl Stevenson, CPM Candidate
Regional Property Manager
E&G Group
Laurel, MD

Darryl, who is co-chair of the IREM Young Professionals Committee for the Northern Virginia Chapter, possesses a strong passion for training, professional development and philanthropy. He actively advocates for affordable housing and health and human services in his community.

“IREM has been an incredible resource for enrichment, networking and knowledge. I have grown immensely, both personally and professionally, through the Institute, and I am so grateful for the opportunities IREM provides.”

Ashley Sims, ACoM
Property Manager
Wulfe Management Services, Inc.
Houston, TX

Ashley knew at a very young age that she wanted to follow in her aunt’s footsteps and become a commercial property manager.

“To be chosen as one of IREM’s 30 Under 30 is astounding to say the least. It’s an honor to be recognized as part of this group of young professionals, and it truly means the world to me as I continue working toward my career goals of becoming the successful leader and property manager I strive to be.”

Elisabeth Rose, Associate member
Property Manager
Worth & Associates
San Antonio, TX

Elisabeth leverages her experience in budget preparation, financial reporting and operations oversight to maximize profits for her owners and deliver superior customer service to her tenants.

“One of my long-term career goals is to one day have fellow professionals look to me for guidance and help on how to best navigate our industry through the challenges we will face in the future.”

Jatonne Perrow, Associate member
Property Manager
Cushman & Wakefield Inc., AMO
Washington, D.C.

In 2017, the IREM Northern Virginia Chapter recognized Jatonne as its Rookie of the Year. She’s currently a member of the IREM Diversity & Inclusion Succession Initiative Board and the chair of her chapter’s Young Professionals Committee.

“I believe it is important that young professionals get more involved and play a bigger role in the industry. Real estate is always evolving, and the younger generation has a different perspective on consumer and client desires.”

Thomas Perfect, CPM Candidate
Chief Executive Officer
Jensen Properties San Diego Inc.
Ramona, CA

Thomas strives to keep all systems running smoothly at Jensen and makes sure property owners get a warm welcome and thorough onboarding when they join the Jensen family.

“The real estate industry has been more rewarding than I could have ever hoped for, and my professional growth has increased as I work to build strong connections. Obtaining the CPM designation and being named to the IREM 30 Under 30 are the icing on the cake for me.”

Eddy Perez, ARM
Property Manager
Orlando, FL

After eight years in the industry, Eddie finds the most fulfilling experiences of his job are seeing his associates and colleagues grow, his vendor partners in business, and his company’s assets thrive.

“I will choose to dig deep, challenge my ’why,’ continue to pay it forward and give it everything that I have, because I owe it to myself and to everyone who has allowed me to use their shoulders as a launchpad.”

Emma Paustian, Associate member
Property Manager
TMT Development
Portland, OR

In love with real estate since she was 10, today Emma believes helping tenants transform their spaces through the course of tenant improvement projects is the most rewarding part of her job.

“Being selected as one of IREM’s 30 Under 30 is reflective of my dedication to continue learning about the real estate industry. I would love to show other young professionals that they can achieve anything they put their minds to if they work hard and build each other up.”

Brandon Otting, CPM Candidate, ACoM
General Manager
Edina, MN

Since joining JLL in 2012, Brandon has received several company accolades—Special Achievement Awards for outstanding regional support in 2014, 2016 and 2018, and Industrial Manager of the Year—Midwest Region for 2019.

“I’ve met many industry partners and real estate professionals through IREM. Those relationships have played a key role in helping me provide industry knowledge to my clients, cost savings to the properties within my portfolio and timely service delivery from industry partners I know and trust.”

Kara Ostrowski, CPM Candidate, ARM
Executive Director
Clinton Township Housing Commission
Clinton Township, MI

Kara entered the property management field in 2010 and has since gained experience in the private sector and public housing that greatly lends itself to her current position.

“Being chosen as part of IREM’s 30 Under 30 is a major accomplishment for me. Adding the 30 Under 30 recognition will help establish me more within the industry and within my local chapter, and it will add to my accomplishments with IREM.”

Eduardo Ortega, CPM Candidate
Asset Manager
Founders 3 Management Company, AMO
Milwaukee, WI

His passion for real estate and architecture has taken Eduardo to a dozen countries, including Japan, Italy and France, and this passion fuels his long-term target of managing assets on a global level.

“My clients express much appreciation for my work, and this level of recognition is a testament to my commitment to our industry. It showcases the level of resilience we young professionals have, to face adversity and carve out our own space.”

Kaden Ochocki, CPM Candidate
Director of Strategic Projects
RangeWater Real Estate, AMO
Atlanta, GA

Kaden works closely with all stakeholders to drive asset performance with awareness of and accountability to budget. Her assignments have included coordinating and maintaining corporate initiatives roadmaps for her   employers—communicating priorities and transitioning strategic departmental game plans into operational plans.

“I’m incredibly grateful to be a part of IREM’s 30 Under 30. IREM’s commitment to the multifamily sector, especially with their continuing education opportunities, allowed me to realize that there are several avenues within multifamily where I can grow.”

Quinton D. Marks, ARM
Property Manager
Milwaukee, WI

Quinton, a recipient of the Donald M. Furbush, CPM, IREM Foundation Scholarship, has a passion for leadership, education and advocating for diversity in the workplace.

“I want to let other young professionals know that their age does not prevent them from accomplishing their goals—no matter how big or small. I would appreciate the opportunity to inspire other young professionals to get involved in property management and influence them to do more!”

Troy MacDonald, CPM Candidate
Community Manager
Concert Properties
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The nine team members he leads get the benefit of Troy’s positive, motivational, think-outside-the-box management style. He’s known for pushing and inspiring them to challenge the status quo and innovate daily.

“Winning this award motivates me to further innovate and challenge industry norms, moving toward a more sustainable and technologically connected future. It is a privilege to share this success with those who have supported, challenged and mentored me along the way.”

Jonathan Lisnoff, ARM
Property Manager
Heritage Properties Inc., AMO
Starkville, MS

Jonathan manages a luxury apartment complex, overseeing multiple small rehabs and converting the property to be LEED certified. He additionally minimizes expenses and concession offering, stabilizes occupancy and creates additional income bases for his owners.

“The relationships I stand to gain from this program can be the beginning of new partnerships that create the next ’wave’ in housing development and management; it would be a dream to have 29 accomplished colleagues aiding each other in succeeding!”

Benjamin Lincoln, CPM Candidate
Property Manager
Monday Properties
Arlington, VA

Leaning on past experiences to address each unique problem that managing commercial properties brings, Ben strives to enhance the financial performance and operating efficiency of his assets by leveraging all aspects of Monday Properties’ property management and engineering teams.

“As my experience grows within the industry, so does my desire to teach and educate those who seek to become part of this community. As a proud member of IREM, I look forward to every opportunity that arises from being part of this exciting organization.”

Brooke Kasperkhan, ACoM
Associate Real Estate Manager
San Antonio, TX

Dynamic, resourceful and customer-centric, Brooke also has demonstrated a proficiency in social media, targeting and engaging prospects on social platforms and leveraging influencers.

“Being chosen as one of IREM’s 30 Under 30 is monumental in my book, and I hope this inspires other working women with young children. I want to empower more young professionals to realize anything is possible if they believe in themselves and work hard at what they want to accomplish.”

Samantha Ingram, CPM Candidate
Assistant Property Manager
Cousins Properties
Austin, TX

An active member of the IREM Austin Chapter who’s also co-chair of the chapter’s 2020 Income and Expense Committee, Samantha enjoys mentoring aspiring young professionals like herself.

“Receiving this recognition proves to me that I am on the right career path. I will continue to place a strong focus on customer relationships and consistently strive to be the best version of myself, professionally and personally.”

Destiny Igiebor, Associate member
Deputy Director of Operations & Regional Property Manager
Scott Management, Inc.
Silver Spring, MD

In her current position, where she was promoted earlier this year from property operations associate, Destiny is in charge of the RealPage systems as the system’s administrator for the entire company.

“It is an honor to be chosen as one of IREM’s 30 Under 30, to have the opportunity to demonstrate my accomplishments and know that my hard work is being recognized. I would like to continue to improve myself alongside IREM’s other distinguished professionals.”

David Holland, CPM, ARM
Property Manager
Sunrise Management and Consulting, AMO
Albany, NY

David takes great pride in his work and consistently seeks to increase property revenue, improve operations efficiency and carry the business and the portfolios he works on into the future.

“I am very proud to be a part of Sunrise Management and Consulting and to hold the titles of both ARM and CPM. It is very meaningful to me to be recognized for my work and achievements in the industry.”

Katherine Hagg, CPM Candidate
Property Manager
Spire Realty Group
San Antonio, TX

After being with Spire for a year, Katherine was asked to relocate from Austin to San Antonio to help open the company’s San Antonio and South Texas market. She now manages and assists with leasing for all of Spire’s San Antonio assets.

“I want to be recognized as an example to people coming into the industry that we are here to support them, lift them up and add value to their professional lives if they’re ready to meet the challenge.”

Vanessa Grayson, Associate member
Property Manager
Pinnacle, AMO
Kansas City, MO

Vanessa hopes to continue building her property management education, inspire those around her to continue growing and make significant contributions to spreading diversity and inclusion in her industry.

“Being chosen as one of IREM’s 30 Under 30 personally defines a level of achievement I’ve been striving toward since I entered this industry. But furthermore, it ignites higher levels of accountability and determination to do more and be more than I have ever imagined for myself.”

Madison Graham, CPM Candidate
Property Manager
Pace Properties, Inc.
St. Louis, MO

Experience working with facilities and transaction management on a national retail account makes Madison well-equipped to assist her retail and industrial clients, including private investors, local owners and publicly traded companies, with their many property management needs.

“I am grateful for the continued opportunities and growth that IREM provides. This award is a wonderful celebration of my colleagues at Pace Properties as well as my many mentors. I hope to return the kindness by sharing my knowledge with future industry leaders.”

Ursula Gerson, ARM
Community Manager
Gables Residential
Washington, D.C.

Her eagerness to learn, ability to develop strong relationships with residents and vendors, attention to detail and perseverance have driven Ursula’s success. She’s passionate about the real estate industry and always seeks ways to get more involved and propel her career forward.

“Earning this award validates the long hours, dedication and extracurricular activities. The amount of lives I get to impact, even in the smallest ways, truly makes this career worthwhile. I’ve undoubtedly become a better person during my time in this profession and have built long-lasting relationships.”

Tatiana Dwight, Associate member
Recruiting and Retention Specialist
Fogelman Properties, AMO
Atlanta, GA

Tatiana is known for being a go-getter, problem solver, effective communicator, relationship builder and thought leader. She is also a mentor to a student majoring in residential property management at the University of Georgia.

“IREM has shown me that I have what it takes to be a leader and a motivator who can make a positive impact in this industry. I am passionate about bringing my associates to IREM luncheons and classes, so they can grow and see the benefits IREM offers.”

Divya George, Pursuing ARM certification
Community Manager
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

A motivator and inspiration for all her team members, Divya believes in supporting and encouraging everyone working alongside her. She’s got a passion for the real estate industry, and is always looking forward to ways she can get more involved and progress in her career.

“It is incredibly rewarding to know that my hard work is being acknowledged. Most importantly, it is a great platform for me to share my knowledge, experience and journey in this industry with other young professionals, as I believe in paying it forward.”

Nthabiseng Chambela, CPM
Spatial Portfolio Consultant
Airports Company South Africa
Bedfordview, Gauteng, South Africa

Nthabiseng is a property valuer-turned-property manager who is responsible for the management of commercial facilities within airports in South Africa. She’s passionate about storytelling the journey of property—its development and management, right through to its disposal.

“Being chosen as part of IREM’s 30 Under 30 means professional and personal growth. It also encourages me to pursue leadership positions and continue to groom younger professionals in this industry.”


Journal of Property Management

Written by <i>Journal of Property Management</i> staff

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