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Online exclusive: Inspire 2020

The Virtual IREM Summit

By <i>Journal of Property Management</i> staff
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There is no doubt that 2020 will be remembered as the year everything changed. Everyone, everywhere, is adapting to our new world. Real estate managers were among the early adopters of change—they had to be, to manage the enormity of transformation to the way we now live and work.

The Virtual IREM Summit acknowledges the adversity we’re all facing today and recognizes the growing importance of our roles in the lives of so many. As real estate managers around the world grapple with the same unknowns, we’ve grown closer. We’ve learned a lot; we’ve grown as professionals and as human beings. Above all, we really are in this together, and our individual strength comes from our collective fortitude. Where would we be without each other?

Bringing real estate managers together to learn, share and inspire each other has always been the goal of past IREM events. This year will be no different. We have reinvented the Global Summit as a virtual event—the Virtual IREM Summit—and we can’t wait for you to join us.

As a virtual event, we can expand attendance by eliminating the time and cost of travel and increase session availability. Each session will be recorded, giving you the opportunity to view all the sessions, even those you can’t attend in real time.

IREM member Velda Simpson, CPM, ARM, and IREM Conference Advisory Board chair, has this to say: “The Virtual IREM Summit provides a unique experience for everyone. And this year, the Summit offers even more opportunities for engagement with a broader audience, and access to sessions you may miss, following the event.”

Velda spoke with IREM members about their expectations for a virtual conference this year. Here’s what they said.

Velda: You fully appreciate the value of strategic collaboration and concrete takeaways from attending previous IREM events. What keeps you coming back?

Anne Lemon, CPM, ARM

“The keynote speakers are phenomenal, and I always leave inspired to be the best property manager and person I can be. I’ve learned so many great best practices for property management, as well as insight into what managers in other parts of the world are doing to advance the future of our industry! I encourage all property managers, no matter what phase of your career you’re in, to join us for the virtual event.”

Jonathan Tucker, CPM

“Since becoming an IREM member, my company has won a REME Award, and I’ve been inspired to become more involved in the organization. I now serve in my local chapter and volunteer for the Foundation board. It’s an honor to be part of this organization, and I look forward to the professional growth that IREM will offer at this year’s virtual summit.”

Velda: It looks like you’ve both been inspired by IREM events, which is fantastic, since this year’s Virtual Summit theme is “inspire.” What else has inspired you?

Drew Hicks, CPM

“I’ve been impressed by IREM’s keynote speakers and learning sessions. While the schedule is pretty intensive, I’m looking forward to the on-demand format this year—I can attend when it’s convenient for me.”

Heather Phillips, C9P, CPM, ARM

“I attended an education session at a previous IREM event called Engaging Employees, ‘A Shot of Vitamin E,’ and it helped me recognize symptoms of staff disengagement and how to motivate my team. I brought back ideas to our HR department on how to reward and recognize personnel to help increase loyalty. I look forward to exploring this year’s flexible format and attending even more education sessions.”

Velda: It sounds like you’ll all be attending the Virtual IREM Summit this year. See you in my living room!

As property managers, we rely on each other. We face similar challenges and share ideas that inspire solutions to our shared problems. We align our leadership team to the goals and vision of our members, and fuel collaboration with members from around the world. Experience the inspiration yourself at the Virtual IREM Summit.

Journal of Property Management

Written by <i>Journal of Property Management</i> staff

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