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Elevating the resident experience with real-time messaging

By Justin Herrick

Property managers and their staffs are busier than ever. In today’s environment, residents expect transparent and timely communication. Yet there’s only so much that property managers can do themselves to meet residents’ growing expectations.

In comes real-time messaging, which modernizes communication and, in turn, actually elevates resident experience by interacting with them when, where, and how they prefer. Property managers who currently use real-time messaging can stay connected with residents and personalize communication. From scheduling tours to reporting maintenance issues and booking amenities, residents feel empowered by the real-time messaging’s convenience.

Let’s explore how real-time messaging enables property managers and their teams to elevate the resident experience and, ultimately, meet and exceed revenue goals.

Provide the luxury of personalization

If you treat each resident uniquely, it’ll make the difference in whether a resident decides to happily renew their lease or count down the days until they move out of your property. Personalization, after all, is one of the most important elements of a brand-differentiated experience in any industry.

Real-time messaging allows property managers to not only scale efforts but provide experiences that keep resident satisfaction strong; today’s newest residents will be tomorrow’s most loyal residents if you provide the luxury of personalization.

So, what can you do to personalize the resident experience? For starters, with just a single text, you can inform residents when their rent is due or target specific residents with messages about reserving a seat at the pool. You can also leverage real-time messaging to respond to residents with personalization. Based on the intent of an inquiry, real-time messaging should deliver a response to the resident that’s tailored to their individual needs.

Get updates to residents, fast

Residents shouldn’t be expected to reach out to property managers to discover property updates, and they’re certainly not likely to drop by a bulletin board regularly. Property managers need to be proactive and engage with residents to communicate information immediately and effectively.

95% of all text messages are opened and responded to within three minutes of delivery, proving to all property managers the impact of real-time messaging.

In a single text, residents receive the information they need and are highly likely to respond if they have a follow-up question. Now it’s a two-way, real-time conversation that proves to residents just how much your property management team cares about them. Emails get lost in residents’ inboxes, and calls waste time (if they’re even answered at all). Real-time messaging, however, ensures information—especially in critical emergencies—gets through to residents.

Residents also rely on real-time messaging to alert property managers of maintenance issues, preventing problems from escalating. Instead, a resident will be more likely to contact the property manager directly and notify staff right away.

From helping residents feel informed to staying ahead of problems before they spiral out of control, real-time messaging allows important conversations to take place at exactly the right moment.

Nurture prospects through their preferred channels

Qualified leads are the lifeblood of your property, generating ongoing and reliable revenue. But it wasn’t always easy to identify and communicate with prospects. Real-time messaging shifts the passive approach of the past to an active, engaging format that property managers can use to nurture leads.

With real-time messaging, property managers can focus on communicating with qualified leads and guiding them through the process of becoming happy and satisfied residents.

Choosing the right property to call home is difficult for prospects, but open lines of communication guide potential residents through the journey and make the decision much easier. Prospects value properties that make scheduling a tour or getting answers to their questions about the lease agreement simple, and real-time messaging fosters this much more than an email or a phone call.

A text is all it takes for a property manager and a prospect to start interacting—the convenience leads to seamless communication on both sides. Property managers can be available at any time for a potential tenant, helping the prospect realize just how quick and transparent the property managers will be when they are residents.

Enable staff to do more with less

Property managers and staff were already inundated with tasks prior to the global pandemic, but COVID-19 applied even more pressure to staffs’ limited bandwidth. Real-time messaging allows you to replace outdated, inefficient communication systems and methods that frustrate your team and offer little value to residents.

Utilizing real-time messaging provides a better resident experience. It also makes the lives of property managers and their teams infinitely easier by giving the entire property a way to scale strategies easily.

Through text messages, staff can manage multiple conversations at once rather than spending extra time in one-on-one phone conversations. Real-time messaging can be automated, too. Rather than needing staff to respond to frequently asked questions, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies can analyze conversation flow and respond to a resident with a targeted message.

Property managers and staff should aim to work smarter, not harder. Operational efficiencies achieved by real-time messaging get everyone back to the tasks that matter most while still prioritizing resident experience.

Whether it’s a luxurious condominium, a large network of single-family properties with thousands of units, or an age-restricted retirement community, property managers can experience a variety of pain points when juggling the countless number of property management roles and responsibilities.

But, by leveraging the real-time and contactless capabilities of messaging, you can address and eliminate friction for yourself, your staff, and your residents. In doing so, you’ll get back to what’s most important: driving profit for the property and making sure that “there’s no place like home” for those who live there.

Journal of Property Management

Justin Herrick is a content marketing manager for Medallia. He works with the property management industry to understand trends and produces content to showcase the power of experience management for real estate management professionals.

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