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A letter from IREM President Barry Blanton CPM®

A look inside this issue of JPM

By Barry Blanton, CPM®

Barry Blanton, CPM® (left)

It’s been an extremely busy year, and from my perspective, it’s flown by!

Elections. Inflation. Rising interest rates. Remarkable new technologies for our companies and properties. More time in the office, at our properties, and (hopefully) with family and friends. We can’t make up for what we lost to COVID, but we’ve learned a lot about ourselves and have found our footing as we endeavor into the future.

Through the challenges and changes, IREM continues to move the needle and look to tomorrow. We’re launching valuable new online learning offerings that reflect the remote/hybrid work model our members now expect. We’re expanding our reach globally and connecting the dots to help make the world a little bit smaller and a little less anonymous. And we’re educating and connecting with our members around the world to share the latest best practices and lessons learned—all good stuff!

As the current year comes to an end, and we gear up to hit the ground running in the next, this issue of JPM is here to give an in-depth outlook for 2023.

The future of real estate management was on full display at the 2022 IREM Global Summit in Dallas, which delivered on its theme of “No Limits.” What an event it was! Whether or not you were able to join us, I think you’ll really enjoy reading a recap of this year’s gathering. We were reminded that there’s no substitute for the bonds we build when we’re together in person.

A high point of every IREM Global Summit is when we take the opportunity to recognize the exceptional accomplishments of our members. We take immense pride in acknowledging the top of the class each year, and I invite you to read about these outstanding professionals honored at this year’s Global Summit in the features “Make a difference” and “Exceeding expectations.”

Looking ahead to 2023, we’ll continue adapting to whatever challenges may arise and embracing best practices as we continue moving our profession forward. Read our experts’ industry outlook to learn about the ongoing trends and new developments we can expect in real estate management heading into 2023.

Although we can’t predict the future, we can absolutely influence it. One of the most effective ways real estate managers can directly impact our profession is through advocacy and engagement efforts. At IREM Headquarters—and face-to-face with legislators—our Government Affairs team has been hard at work educating policymakers on critical issues and promoting the interests of real estate and real estate management. In “Taking care of business,” we highlight some of the milestones of our advocacy efforts in 2022 and explore how you can stay involved in 2023 and beyond.

While the future of real estate management may be unpredictable, the outlook for IREM is crystal clear. With IREM’s strategic plan in place, the Institute has an actionable roadmap for realizing our shared vision. Don’t miss the interview with incoming IREM President Renee Savage, CPM®, CCIM, and the 2023 IREM Officers to read what they have planned for the year ahead.

I feel so fortunate to have served as IREM’s President this year. I’m honored by the opportunity to continue the legacy of our many great past presidents, and I know that the Institute will be in the best of hands in 2023 and beyond. From our members to our volunteers, you all play such a critical role in IREM’s success, and it’s been a privilege working with every one of you. At the risk of sounding redundant, the IREM HQ team is second to none. Period.

Talented people doing amazing things to help make the world better tomorrow than it was today. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Journal of Property Management

Barry Blanton, CPM, is the 2022 IREM president as well as a founding principal of Blanton Turner, AMO, in Seattle, Washington.

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