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IREM’s Member Experience Advisory Council outlines the important work it’s tackling

By Suzanne Peperak, CPM®

Enhancing the IREM experience is one of the five pillars of the IREM Strategic Plan. But what does the “IREM experience” really mean? IREM is a membership organization driven by members and the value they seek in participating. IREM has always put members first and knows that members are at the core of what we do. So when it comes to the IREM experience, we’re talking about the experience IREM members have when engaging with their association.

The “member experience” is defined as how an association’s members feel about their organization, how they interact with it, and the value they attribute to it. IREM’s strategic goal is to enhance that member experience, and like all strategic goals, the only way to accomplish this objective is to seek the contributions of those individuals closest to the issues and most affected by the enhancements we’re trying to make. IREM members are best positioned to know what IREM members want from their organization.

That’s why in October 2021, the Governing Council approved the creation of the Member Experience Advisory Council, which launched this year. The newly created Member Experience Advisory Council is leading the charge on this strategic goal, and they’re well-equipped to impact each aspect of the member experience. Comprised of thought leaders from across the country, the Advisory Council is excited to come together, provide guidance, and strategize on some of the key issues that are meaningful to IREM and its members.

The main objectives this group will focus on throughout the year include developing recommendations to support chapters as they facilitate member engagement, partnering with the Next Gen Advisory Council to review student membership requirements, and reviewing awards and recognition programs. The outcomes of these objectives will be meaningful to the overall member experience and will help us pursue our strategic goal of ensuring that IREM is relevant to members and customers who are engaged on their terms.

Objectives of enhancing the member experience

Member experience focuses on the following objectives, and each will be considered by the Advisory Council when making recommendations and guiding this strategic goal. The objectives incorporate several IREM priorities, including chapters, award programs, IREM volunteers, and our DEI strategy, providing tremendous opportunities for the Advisory Council to hit the ground running in 2023 and make an immediate impact.

Objectives of the IREM member experience include:

Improve member engagement and experience at the chapter level and beyond.

IREM chapters are vital to the member experience and closest to how the unique aspects of their markets inform overall member engagement.

Develop member recruitment strategies to provide an inclusive experience.

Our commitment to DEI means we’ll create an environment where individuals in real estate management feel valued, respected, supported, and welcome to bring their authentic selves to IREM. Allowing people to be themselves is the only way to create a positive member experience and move the organization forward with new members from the profession.

Collaborate with other IREM volunteer groups to review and improve awards and recognition.

IREM awards programs put IREM members first and shine a spotlight on their exceptional accomplishments in real estate management—a challenging, rewarding profession that deserves the spotlight. An important way to enhance the member experience is to make our awards programs even better.

Develop strategies to facilitate chapter support and engagement with the IREM brand.

The IREM brand promotes consistency and quality, and the experience we give our members is part of that brand. Chapters are at the forefront of delivering on that brand.

Inform programming for chapter learning at IREM conferences.

We need to equip chapters with the knowledge and tools they need to contribute to the strategic goal of enhancing the member experience.

Our vision is a commitment to fostering a welcoming environment that continues to focus on improving member experience across the board. The Member Experience Advisory Council represents IREM’s commitment to our members, and that commitment is present in all aspects of the work we do. The Advisory Council will collaborate to ensure that the objectives in the IREM strategic plan drive the work we aim to accomplish. Together, we’ll continue making strides to deliver a meaningful experience for every IREM member.

Journal of Property Management

Suzanne Peperak, CPM®, is the 2023 chair of the Member Experience Advisory Council. She’s the chief operating officer of Barrett and Stokely Management LLC, AMO®, in Indianapolis. She also serves on the IREM Designations and Certifications Committee.

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