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A letter from IREM President Renee Savage, CPM®, CCIM

A look inside this issue of JPM

By Renee Savage, CPM®, CCIM

Renee Savage, CPM®, CCIM

For property managers, summer can be a juggling act. Projects are in full swing, and team members are out on vacation. In the middle of all this, we have our most important stakeholders to keep engaged—our customers and clients. In this issue of JPM, we look at recent trends in customer and client care. As we enter the heart (and heat) of summer, we wanted to give you a reason to slow down and think about those relationships with owners, tenants, and residents.

In our first feature, Miranda Jernigan, CPM®, ARM®, explores the benefits of customer relationship management (CRM) software. CRM systems have emerged as powerful tools to keep renters loyal and engaged. Features range from automation to data insights, and the results real estate companies are seeing from adopting CRM systems are hard to ignore.

Customer service has always been front-and-center in property management. One big shift is how technology has changed customer expectations. That’s why we hear so much about the “tenant/resident experience” these days, and management teams are rushing to meet those expectations by rolling out tenant/resident experience apps. In our Technology column, read about Rubenstein Partners’ experience with the HqO app at their properties.

On our second feature, we look at a refinancing success story. Get insights from Freeman Webb Company, AMO® and their financial partners on the smart move that put their portfolio in a much better position, freeing up capital for improvements in the process.

How about some IREM inspiration? Learn about the heights Jonathan Tucker, CPM®, went to while raising awareness of an important cause. Jonathan’s story of service on an Atlanta rooftop, brought to you by IREM Georgia association executive Deborah Westphal, CPM®, ARM®, will inspire you to take action as we work to bring new people into the dynamic world of real estate management.

K-content, or the Korean entertainment and products so popular across the globe, is a key part of the country’s retail sector, especially in Seoul. IREM Korea Chapter president Hyouklae Moon, CPM®, walks us through this phenomenon. You’re sure to get some ideas for connecting with your customers through popular cultural and societal trends.

Read about the work of the IREM Member Experience Advisory Council, new in 2023. Suzanne Peperak, CPM®, 2023 Advisory Council chair, explains the group’s purpose and importance to fulfilling the IREM Strategic Plan. She shares updates on the Council’s work to enhance the “IREM experience.”

What do residential management teams need to provide standout service that attracts and retains renters? Data from the 2023 AppFolio Property Manager Renter Motivations Report points to delivering quality service in three areas—maintenance, communications, and payments. Read about these findings, and discover tips for keeping renters motivated.

Our Property Spotlight column explores managing infrastructure properties. It’s a fascinating read that profiles the marina and airport services offered by David Behnke, CPM®, and his firm, Founders 3, as well as Port San Antonio, a sprawling complex with a rich aviation history. It’s clear these specialty properties can offer a true property management adventure.

I hope these summer months are your most productive, and you find time to slow down, relax by the pool, and explore this great issue. You’re sure to get some fresh ideas for keeping your customers and clients engaged.

Finally, I want to personally invite you to join us at the 2023 IREM Global Summit from Oct. 9 to 12 at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel. Our theme, Making an impact, celebrates the difference you make to those you serve—from customers and clients to the teams you depend on. This 3-day event features networking opportunities, 33 hours of education, and several property tours. Learn more about this year’s Global Summit and register today.

Be sure to bring your passport!

Journal of Property Management

Renee Savage, CPM®, CCIM, is the 2023 IREM President and the president of SavageCRE, Inc., in San Diego.

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