Volume 85 Number 1

Vision 20/20

Strengthening your leadership lens

Bright spots in business

REME Award Winners United Plus Property Management and The RMR Group shine a light on their success

Inspire and be inspired

Words I take to heart as I embark on my presidential journey

Member updates – January/February 2020

A roundup of our members’ achievements.

A healthy future

Property managers for the booming medical office building sector must meet a demanding and diverse set of requirements

Mind your gaps

Reinforce strengths and transform weaknesses with a Personal Leadership Action Plan

Change agent

Official lays the groundwork to transform property management in South Africa

Stepping up for sustainability

The property management industry needs sustainability leaders to step up

Mining the strength of differences

The IREM Diversity Advisory Board ensures that all are welcome, supported and heard

Coming into your own

Starting a property management company