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IREM REME Awards finalists

Celebrate living and working well, in well-managed properties

By <i>Journal of Property Management</i>

This year’s IREM REME Awards finalists raise the bar beyond simply making a difference and advancing this rewarding profession as real estate managers around the world. The candidates paint a bigger picture of how our professionals are evolving real estate management beyond traditional expectations. It’s not just about managing buildings anymore. It’s about social consciousness, caring for each other, lifelong learning, and shaping the future.

There were common themes emerging from the finalists’ nominations. Many shared how their experiences working through the worst of the pandemic expanded their roles permanently. They’ve woven new skills and goals into the fabric of their organizations with programs designed to benefit the underserved, elevate each other through education and mentorship, enhance the beauty of the properties they manage, and encourage efforts to conserve energy and minimize waste. All of them have continued to explore channels to help make the world a little bit smaller and a whole lot better.

This year’s candidates prove how the tide of real estate management is shifting. Maximizing property value while minimizing expenses remains the highest priority for these experts, but they’re adding a large dose of humanity to the mix. Across the board, our finalists, corporate and individual, are serving their communities through volunteer efforts that help meet the unmet needs of those who live and work in their neighborhoods. In addition to their roles as property managers, they support their residents and tenants in finding access to everything from medical care to financial resources. And they’re ensuring the successful future of real estate management by guiding up-and-coming professionals.

“We can measure the evolution of our profession by the exceptional accomplishments of real estate managers around the world, reflected in their REME Award submissions,” says Dr. Linda Caradine-Poinsett, IREM CEO and executive vice president. “The past year has tested our professionals in new ways, and yet they continue to elevate their roles and each other. We’re proud to honor them and support their ongoing development.”

Finalists for the 2022 REME Awards include the following companies and individuals.

Corporate awards

AMO® of the Year

AMO (Accredited Management Organization®) firms uphold the highest standards of ethics, fiscal stability, and exceptional management; these firms have exceeded our standards.

  • Barrett & Stokely, LLC, AMO®
  • Conifer Realty, LLC, AMO®
  • Cortland, LLC, AMO®
  • Jacksonville Housing Authority, AMO®

IREM Innovator Award

Awarded to the real estate company that has demonstrated significant innovation in real estate management.

  • Homeferral
  • Oculus Realty, LLC, AMO®
  • RangeWater Real Estate, AMO®

IREM Excellence Award – Corporate

These firms are recognized for excellence in all they do.

  • FirstService Residential, AMO®
  • Morgan Properties

Individual awards

ACoM of the Year

A new category this year, these are our very first ACoM (Accredited Commercial Manager®) of the Year finalists. This award will go to an IREM member who holds ACoM certification and has made valuable contributions to commercial real estate.

  • Vanessa Grayson, ACoM, ARM®
  • Michael Murphy, ACoM
  • Beau Patterson, ACoM, CPM® Candidate
  • Christiana Webber, ACoM, CPM® Candidate

ARM® of the Year

This award honors an IREM member who holds the ARM (Accredited Residential Manager®) certification and has made an important impact on residential real estate.

  • Vanessa Grayson, ARM®, ACoM
  • Tasha Rush, ARM®
  • David Sayers, ARM®

CPM® of the Year

The most prestigious of our individual certifications, CPM of the Year recognizes the IREM CPM (Certified Property Manager®) who’s demonstrated an unmatched dedication and commitment to our profession. 

  • Denise Bleiler, CPM®
  • Kaci Hancock, CPM®, ACoM
  • Barbara Jaco, CPM®
  • Jesse Miller, CPM®, ACoM, ARM®, MBA, CAPS, NAAEI Faculty, SHCM, CAM, NALP
  • Amy Natoli, CPM®

IREM Excellence Award – Individual

And lastly, the IREM Excellence Award for an Individual honors a real estate management professional who’s achieved excellence and positively impacted the communities they serve. 

  • Adeayomi Adeyemi, CPM®
  • Sherri Commander, CPM®
  • Janna Dalton, CPM®
  • Chrystal Skead, CPM®, ARM®

IREM will recognize these finalists and announce the winners at The Gala on Oct. 20, 2022, during the IREM Global Summit in Dallas. But win or not, IREM is grateful to all our finalists for all they do to drive our profession into the future.

Journal of Property Management

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IREM REME Awards finalists

Celebrate living and working well, in well-managed properties