November/December 2019

Member updates – November/December 2019

A roundup of our members’ achievements.

The Next Generation of Technology Legislation

With new technology comes new challenges and the likelihood of new regulations.

Sustainable Achievements

Five Years of the Yardi Energy Efficiency Grants

Costa Smeralda

Benvenuto in Italia

Managing property in the Bel Paese

IREM Premier Party at the Bently Reserve in San Francisco

Best foot forward

IREM Global Summit

Blazing Industry Trails

The 2019 REME award winners

IREM Foundation Board

Ready to Serve and Support the Industry

The IREM Foundation was founded in 1977 and has been granting scholarships for much of its 42-year history.

The Cultural Divide

And how to close it.

futuristic illustration

Eyes on the Future

IREM’s incoming officers chart a path of engagement and improvement


No Doc Drama

Tips for mastering document management